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The Arborlight Work is equipped with protection systems for the ears and face. The helmet rim is curved around the ears, providing a better fi t for ear defenders. The Arborlight Work has the same features as the Ultralight Work range: the 4-point chin strap system has safety opening (if the helmet gets jammed, the safety buckle releases at 25 daN); a Fastex buckle for easy opening and closing – even when wearing gloves; distinct shell rim for optimum impact protection. Its classic design provides an unrestricted fi eld of vision and the side ventilation openingshave rivets to keep out dust and liquids The Arborlight Work helmet is available in the following versions: The Arborlight Work “Ear” with ear defenders (H31, medium sound absorption/SNR: 28 dBA). The Arborlight Work “Visor” with ear defenders (H31) and gauze visor. Can be extended to include neck protection (GR 1C) and visor seal (GR2B). Arborlight Work “Basic” without attachment parts is conform to EN 397. All attachment parts are available from 3M/Peltor and specialist retailers.

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